Part 2: Exposing Pastor Reno Omokri: Mission Ɓadda Musulmi

Reno Omokri All Muslims following Reno should understand his unequivocal agenda on Islam. That is, pushing for a narrative that Islamic practices and beliefs were simply directly copied from Ethiopian ancient religious practices. This clear narrative, which he has been pushing for a long time in many of his posts, implies that Islam did not actually receive revelation directly from the Almighty God to guide their practices and beliefs, which by extension means that Islam is not a true religion, but Christianity through Isa (A.S.) and Judaism through Musa (A.S.) are the only authentic paths to follow. In other words, he does not believe in the prophethood of Muhammad (S.A.W.) nor does he believe that the Qur’an was a revelation from the Almighty God to Muhammad. His disbelief in the prophethood of Muhammad is no surprise at all because he is a pastor who strictly follows prophet Isa (A.S.) and by extension believes in the prophethood of Musa (A.S.). Someone who follows his posts would question, what about Omokri’s tons of articles defending Islam and Muslims despite him being a pastor? Yes, it’s true that pastor Omokri goes out of his way to defend Islam and...

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